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New Construction ACC Application Form
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1600 NE Loop 410, Suite 202
San Antonio, TX 78209
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FirstService Residential Architectural Department is paperless please send all request via email


Improvements to your Residence
Some of our homes are close to ten years old and are in need of maintenance. It is not required to get Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval for general maintenance to the exterior of your home if you are using the same repair materials as existing. However, if you plan to CHANGE the color or size or add something new, ACC approval is required prior to these changes.
Per IHC CCRs, no building, fence or other structure or improvement shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot of the subdivision until the plans and specifications have been approved in writing by the ACC. All improvements should be completed within 30 days of the start date, with the exception of larger projects such as a swimming pool. The ACC request form can be found under the CCRs/Forms section of our website. Please feel free to contact any Board Member or FirstServce with any questions regarding an improvement.