Covid Waivers

COVID waivers can only be obtained in person at the recreation center from a Board Member, as they are not available online or at DAMC. 

Please send a request message using the BOD contact form to schedule an appointment to sign a waiver.  A Board Member will contact you with a time/date to meet at the Rec Center to complete the waiver.  Both you, your spouse and any adult children (must have ID with same address) who will be going to the pool area will need to sign a waiver.  Any minor children will be covered by the parent’s waiver.  The pool is the only facility open at the Rec Center at this time.

A government approved photo ID is required to sign a waiver.  If you are a new homeowner or renter, we will need proof of ownership and/or residency for your IHC address to include closing documents/rental agreement, utility bill and a driver’s license. The waiver does not have an expiration date.  Photo ID with matching address will be required to enter the facility once the waiver has been signed.

NOTE: The signed waivers are only good for the individual adult permanent resident that signs the waiver. It cannot be used for anyone else except accompanied minor children of the resident. No guests, grandchildren, extended family or temporary residents are allowed.